Meet the 'Gdrive': Google's New Online Hard Drive?

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Rumors from the tech world recently suggest that the search engine giant Google is testing an online hard drive, affectionately known as "Gdrive".

Although still very experimental (and at this time unconfirmed), the Gdrive would act as a treasure chest for client files, essentially freeing up space on a user's computer and accelerating processing speed.

For now, "Gdrive" remains the name given by Google's fans, those most excited about the potential project. In reality, it appears the project is codenamed "Platypus", according the one blog investigator who apparently stumbled across the Web index site for Google's online hard drive. Although the report could be labeled hearsay, CNETnews argues that "GDrive would fit the company's direction." (Source:

How does Gdrive function?

Early reports of how Gdrive might work are quite simple.

Many insiders believe the online drive will provide a willing user with a universal network crossing any number of operating systems and computers. In practical terms, it might act like the common abuse of Gmail or Yahoo Mail storage, where one sends information to themselves in order to retain the data in an inbox or sent items folder. (Source:

If the rumors prove to be true -- and Google has not made a peep yet -- then the main questions will surround how the company will charge the consumer. Since free mail accounts from Google and Yahoo already allow the user 1GB of storage, will anything additional receive a set charge? And will charges be based on the number of users, or accounts?

How likely is Gdrive?

Regardless, the Gdrive project might be some ways off. Google has not confirmed any reports, and even CNETnews remains wary of its sources. With that said, Google remained hush on their Checkout program until it launched just recently.

With Google's size and following, it might be extremely difficult to keep such projects under wraps in the future. Considering the blog excitement already created by "Platypus" or "Gdrive" (or whatever you want to call it), such difficulty in keeping secrets might be very good for business.

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