Editing Round Trip Documents: MS Word

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After your document is finally finished and formatted just the way you wanted, you often have to send it to another person who is collaborating with you on the document.

When it comes back to you, sometimes it doesn't have the same formatting as when you last saved it.

If a document comes to you single spaced with no line spacing between the paragraphs, rather than clicking at the end of each paragraph and pressing [Enter], you can add line spacing to the entire document in two easy steps:

  1. Press Ctrl+A.
  2. Press Ctrl+0 (zero).

MS Word adds a 12-point line space before each paragraph, which is equivalent to a single line space.

Not only was the spacing in your document changed, but while your styles are correctly applied, there seems to be added formats to some paragraphs. These formats don't necessarily follow your template's paragraph style (for example, they may have changed the alignment from justified to left). To return these paragraphs to the correct style format, follow these steps:

  1. Hold down Ctrl while selecting the paragraphs to be changed.
  2. Press Ctrl+Q.

Word will remove all paragraph formats not normally applied by the style.

You can also press Ctrl+Shift+N to return the paragraphs to the Normal style.

You've just quickly and easily returned your document to your original format!

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