Microsoft Launches New Live Spaces

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Want to let everyone know what you think of your neighbor's barking dog or the latest episode of Lost? Microsoft has now made it easier for you to rant, this time in pretty colors.

On Tuesday, August 1st, Microsoft launched its Windows Live Spaces: a revamped and updated version of its previous Spaces brand. The immensely popular MSN Space lets users showcase pictures of themselves, friends, pets, and pretty much anyone ever photographed/drawn. The new version upgrades these abilities, allowing users to present blogs, music lists, and, like, oh-so-many more photos.

Although personalization (and perhaps self-promotion) have been the driving force behind MSN Spaces since its beginning, the new version launched August 1st further upgrades the ways in which users can express themselves.

Many new applications, which Microsoft calls gadgets, allow users to create special friends-only groups. As if high school weren't clique-y enough, users can now utilize a Friends Module and Friends Explorer, which can be integrated with Windows Live Messenger.

On the new options, Microsoft states that it "will enable you and your friends to explore others and create new friendships." Doesn't that sound neat? (Source:

The most noticeable upgrade with the new Live Spaces service are the visuals. Users can select vibrant colours, and the presentation itself generally features nicer lines and customizable/personalized shapes and logos.

For parents, the update by Microsoft also brings enhanced security to the Spaces format. A number of privacy devices allow users to limit who can view their site, profile, and who can openly contact them. The measures should relieve some of the harsh media attention coming down on MySpace for the number of reported pedophiles perusing young profiles. (Source:

In recent weeks, it was reported Spyware distributors Zango had effectively established themselves on MySpace. No word yet on how Live Spaces will protect itself from ... well, itself.

Still interested? You can check out the new service here

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