MSN Live Spaces: Problems After Launch

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Recently, we reported the launch of Microsoft's new MSN Live Spaces, an upgrade to its previous MSN MySpace.

Although the new Live Spaces is seeking to improve on the rampant popularity of MySpace by introducing a slew of new options (including quirky little gadgets, exclusive friends groups, blogs, and security measures to keep sickos away from kids), the launch day was reportedly a complete disaster.

Even Microsoft has openly admitted that there were significant problems, and have publicly apologized to Spaces' junkies. In the first 12 hours of its launch, MSN Live Spaces experienced major difficulties in displaying stats pages, emoticons, email, and pretty much anything else that makes the domain one of the most popular places on the worldwide web. (Source:

Microsoft representatives reluctantly mumbled a few sorries to Spaces fans in the following hours, stating, "We know we disappointed a bunch of you with the issues we had in our rollout ..." Still, the company refuses to admit it was unprepared.

Despite the enormous popularity of MySpace, Microsoft emphasizes that it was ready for the launch, but certain (unnamed) problems simply prevented the opening hours from going as smooth as desired. (Source:

User reaction to the launch and the new format has been predominantly angry. And although some users are clearly willing to work with Microsoft in order to get their pages up and running, most are concerned that the effort may not be worthwhile for a few more pretty colors, a blog, and cleaner lines in the presentation.

Nevertheless, Microsoft is clearly working hard to get MSN Live Spaces up and running for its faithful followers.

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