Google Music Trends Track Music Habits

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Google has introduced a new program for Google Talk users that tracks their music listening habits and posts the results online for others to view.

Activating Google Music Trends

To activate Google Music Trends, users must have a gmail account and Google Talk, the search giant's one-year-old instant messaging program. The option for Google to track your music likes is voluntary, and to participate you must check the Google Music Trends option in the Google Talk settings menu.

How does it work?

Google Music Trends tracks your music preferences by registering each song you listen to via Google Talk. The new program can track music you have listened to from the following programs: iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player, and Yahoo Music Jukebox. (Source:

Google calls its tracking "casting a vote" -- but in reality, Music Trends monitors and collects information on the music you listen to. The music information is put together so that anyone in the world can see what music people in the U.S. are currently listening to; but, because it's in its infancy stage, the program can only track U.S. demographics at this time.

Music Trends charts top artists and songs that are broken down by genre (think of it as another method to tracking music popularity like the "Top 40"). Users can also view the changing popularity of music over time. If you click on the song name or artist, Music Trends will take you to a Google search page that links you to online retailers. (Source:

Is Privacy a Concern?

Google's Music Trends service is anonymous (your identity on public pages is confidential), but your listening habits contribute to the charts that everyone can view. (Source:

When Google Music Trends is turned on in Google Talk, Google Personalized Search is activated. This program tracks your online music search (much like your browser's history feature) and allows you to access lists of music that you have already listened to.

Google Talk users can choose to share (or not to share) with their online Talk buddies what they are listening to. (Source:

To view Google's Music Trends, log onto:

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