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Have you heard of Shell Extension City?

If you haven't visited this site, you're really missing out! Shell Extension City (Shell X) is a web site which features short-but-sweet reviews of very cool and totally free software on the Net today.

What is a shell extension, anyway?

The phrase "Shell Extension" is actually a computer term used to describe the integration of an installed program and the operating system. One example of a shell extension might be the program Winzip. Winzip is a popular compression agent for Windows that is used widely on the Internet. Once Winzip has been installed on your machine, it appears in menu dialogues as part of an extension of the operating system.

If you have Winzip installed on your machine, then you could verify its shell extension by placing your mouse over top of any file in an Explorer Window to bring up a menu and right-click. The "Properties Menu", as I like to refer to it, has an additional listing for Winzip incase you want to use it "on the go" without first having to load Winzip (specifically) to compress a file. Shell extensions, like the one used in the case of Winzip, make using the computer a lot more friendly!

Shell Extension City: great titles fresh cut each day!

A while back I emailed Bob Helmer at Shell X and told him I'd like to set aside a spot in the Infopackets Gazette newsletter for a quick mention on one of his picks. I told Bob that having one of his reviews present in the Gazette would greatly compliment an already great publication, and at the same time, help to create awareness of Shell City's superb web site.

Bob wanted me to let you all know that his web site also hosts a page which has a collection of news headlines from other web sites, called the Daily Rotation, which is offered as free web content for other web site owners. The Daily Rotation is actually a java script program that runs on a web page; headline links are automatically injected into a web page 'on the fly'. If this sounds like a good idea to you, it gets even better! You can even pick which headlines you want displayed on your page and generate the java script code with 1 click! If you're interested, visit the Daily Rotation today and grab the code. You can also visit Bob's Shell Extension city by visiting this URL:

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