Sony Says, 'No More Fires'

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If you've been visiting the site often, you'll have read something about the plethora of Sony notebook batteries being reluctantly recalled by computer giants Dell and Apple.

And although it has been Dell and Apple who have thrown their names into the fire by officially announcing the recalls, Sony batteries came into an infamous limelight in recent months with actual video of their wares causing laptop fires. Of the handful of flaming machines, the most memorable was the one caught on film in Japan. (Source:

Rick Clancy, spokesman for Sony, has assured the public that there will be no more recalls, and more importantly, no more fires. In a recent statement, Clancy made it clear that Sony was on top of the issue and had been in discussion with major PC makers in an attempt to establish an industry standard for lithium-ion batteries.

However, this isn't the first time Sony has made promises on the safety of its notebook batteries. Shortly after the Dell recall it assured everyone that no more dangerous batteries existed, only for Apple to follow with its own alarm a few days later.

The competition, for now, agrees with Sony. Although they might be seeking to maintain their own reputation instead of Sony's, Hewlett-Packard and Gateway announced that they had no reason to suspect the batteries in their machines were faulty. (Source:

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