Propose Alternate Meeting Time: MS Outlook

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Have you ever received a meeting request that didn't coincide with your schedule? you may have had to deny the request, rearrange your schedule or call the other recipients of the request to try and find a more suitable time that was agreeable with everyone else.

With Outlook 2002 and higher, you can automatically propose a new meeting time directly from the meeting request dialog box. You can even use the AutoPick feature to find the next best available time when all attendees are free.

Follow the steps below:

  • Open the meeting request.
  • Click Propose New Time.
  • In the Propose New Time dialog box, find a time when each of the attendees seems to be available or click AutoPick Next to let Outlook find it for you.
  • Click Propose Time.
  • Click Send.

The meeting organizer can then accept the new time or propose an alternate time.

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