Retro Gaming Trend Continues: EA Replay Announced For PSP

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Electronic Arts, the company best known for its Madden series of football games, has now jumped aboard the trendy retro gaming market. EA Replay for the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) will feature fourteen of the company's past hits. (Source:

Unfortunately for pigskin fans, old-school Madden isn't included in this collection. Classic versions of past EA Sports hockey, basketball, baseball, soccer, and golf titles are also nowhere to be found. (Perhaps licensing issues with old players and teams prevented them from showing up?) But sports junkies can still get their fix on this release with the outrageous Mutant League Football and the martial arts simulator Budokan.

Of course, EA is famous for much more than just balls, pucks, goals, and nets. Here is the full list of games announced for EA Replay:

  • B.O.B.: An action-platformer featuring a weapon-wielding alien.
  • Budokan: Practice four types of fighting and weapon styles in the dojo. Then enter a tournament to show off your skills. Tricky controls and insanely difficult opponents make this a tough one to master.
  • Desert Strike: Fly your helicopter over the desert and shoot down enemies.
  • Jungle Strike: Command your chopper again, this time in the jungle. Haunting Starring Polterguy: Play a ghost who takes over common household objects to a scare family out of its home.
  • Mutant League Football: Monsters battle for gridiron supremacy on football fields fraught with hazards. Pits, rocks, mines, fire, and ice are among the dangers.
  • Road Rash: Forget the rules of the road. The only rule that matters here is survival. Go as fast as you can and knock everyone else down with brutal punches and kicks.
  • Road Rash II: The sequel to the racing/fighting hybrid adds weapons to the mix for even more violence.
  • Road Rash III: More mayhem on the road.
  • Syndicate: Run a corporate dictatorship and achieve success by any means necessary.
  • Ultima (The Black Gate): A role-playing game set in the famous Ultima universe.
  • Virtual Pinball: Pick from several different pinball environments or create your own. It sure beats seeking out a smoky bar or arcade for your fix.
  • Wing Commander: Fly among the stars in this spaceship simulation. Not to be confused with the horrible Freddie Prinze Jr. movie (which was based on this game).
  • Wing Commander (Secret Missions): More missions, no Freddie Prinze Jr. -- everyone wins.

"We're very excited to be offering PSP consumers an unprecedented glimpse into EA's past," stated David McCarthy, the project's executive producer. "EA Replay is a rich compilation of classic EA IP that stays true to the original experiences, while offering modern gamers additional features geared towards on-the-go game play." (Source:

Features include head-to-head multiplayer for applicable games, normal and widescreen modes, the ability to save at any time, and unlockable game art. Several of the titles in EA Replay were released on several platforms, so it's currently unclear which versions will end up on this PSP compilation. (Source:

EA Replay will be released on November 7th with a U.S. MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price) of $19.99. (Source:

For more information on another retro compilation coming to the PSP (and also the PS2), check out an earlier Infopackets story on the Sega Genesis Collection.

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