Games Come To iPod: Pac-Man, Tetris, Bejeweled, and More

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If you're the owner of a fifth generation video iPod, you can now turn your music machine into a bona fide pocket arcade, as Apple has officially added video games to the iTunes store.

Leading the charge is the ultimate gaming classic: the dot-chomping, ghost-busting Pac-Man. The world famous Tetris and Internet favorites Bejeweled and Zuma are also on the lineup, along with several original titles.

Each game can be downloaded for a very reasonable $4.99. However, they're only playable on an iPod -- not on a PC or Mac like regular iTunes video downloads. (Source:

These are the titles premiering with Apple's new game lineup:

  • Bejeweled: Clear the board by matching jewels.
  • Tetris: Manipulate falling blocks to clear the row.
  • Pac-Man: Eat the dots and don't run into the ghosts unless you have a power pellet.
  • Vortex: Get to the other side by shooting your way through.
  • Zuma: Shoot balls and match sets of the same color.
  • Texas Hold 'Em: The poker card classic comes to your iPod. Mini Golf: Swing and score.
  • Mahjong: Tile-arranging Japanese favorite.
  • Cubis 2: Match colorful cubes together. (Source:

According to Apple, "Each game plays perfectly on your iPod using the intuitive Click Wheel as a controller."

However, there may be trouble in iParadise: Pac-Man's controls on the iPod "proved problematic" to Gamespot editors. Tetris, though, was "more intuitive." (Source:

While these games will work with current fifth generation video iPods, even newer iPod models are hitting shelves this October. You can choose from a 30GB or an 80GB unit for $249 and $349 respectively. They will be 30 percent thinner, and their screens will be 60 percent brighter and sport higher resolution displays. The improved visual clarity will obviously be a boon for games.

Note that the upcoming 8GB Nano model and the $79 1GB iPod Shuffle will not be able to play games. (Source:

Will the iPod replace the Nintendo DS or the Sony PlayStation Portable as the world's premier handheld video game system? Not likely, as they will tackle different markets entirely. The iPod seems to be going after the same casual gamers who play on their cell phones, while the DS and PSP will continue to target more hardcore video game aficionados.

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