Father Suspected of Child Fatality over Game System

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Weren't The Xbox Murders enough?

Just when you thought it was safe to pick up a controller again, there's been another suspected video game related fatality -- and I'm not talking about the kind found in Mortal Kombat.

A 17-month old baby girl, Alayiah, was fatally wounded after her father allegedly beat her for pulling on the cords of his game system.

"My baby is gone at the hands of her father," the child's mother, Mia Turman, said in tears.

The father, 25-year-old North Philadelphia native Tyrone Spellman, was arrested and charged with "murder, endangering the welfare of a child, and possessing an instrument of crime." (Source: nbc10.com)

Despite a written confession, Spellman (also known as Anwar Salahuddin) has his supporters. A note proclaiming his innocence was posted in front of his house, which he shares with his brother and friend. It read, "To everyone that knows Anwar Salahuddin. Don't give up hope for him. The truth will be told. Anwar is a warrior and warriors don't hurt women and children."

A neighbor agrees. "I don't believe he did it," stated Debbie Rogers, who lives a few houses down from Spellman. "He'd never hurt his children."

"I don't understand why his family wants to protect him," the baby's mother said in frustration. "You know your son is not going to confess to something he didn't do. I read all three pages of [his confession]. He can't escape what he did to my baby."

An autopsy proves that the baby was beaten to death, and a medical examiner's report listed an earlier fracture on her right arm. (Source: philly.com)

Concerned players on the gaming blog Digg are quick to point out that video games should not be blamed for what happened: "If it wasn't a video game, it would be spilled milk or some other inconsequential act that would inspired the man to fly into a rage," pointed out Digg reader 'adamarket'. "As a person who's had to work through some anger management issues, I don't believe this was the first time the guy acted out this way. You don't go from nice guy to murderer in 6 seconds. There are signs. Mothers be warned. Leave guys like this before they do something to your child. I also realize this is sometimes easier said than done." (Source: digg.com)

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