Automatic Numbering: Double Digit Woes: MS Word

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One of the biggest complaints I get from readers is that they can't use automatic numbering in word because once you get to double digits, the numbers don't line up correctly.

Well I guess this is just going to make your day because I am going to tell you how to remedy that particular problem.

The reason that the double digits change the indentation after the numbers is because the extra digit pushes the text to the next tab setting and it doesn't look pretty.

To fix the spacing, move the first tab -- along with the hanging indent -- a bit to the right. Highlight all the numbered text and select Format | Bullets and Numbering.

  • Click the Customize button.
  • Increase the setting slightly for the Tab space after and Indent at fields. These two fields should have the same number.
  • If you set it to 0.7 that should do the trick for you.

Voila! Automatic numbers that line up beautifully! Go ahead and try it -- see, I knew you were gonna love me for that one.

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