Windows Vista: Coming Soon to a DVD Near You

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A Microsoft representative confirmed Friday that Windows Vista will be distributed on a single DVD disc. Vista is said to be released in January 2007.

The single DVD will include the most basic version of the operating system, and will also include the version with all the bells and whistles, dubbed "Vista Ultimate." (Source:

Prices for Vista

Come January, consumers can choose between the following versions (prices in US Dollars):

  • Windows Vista Home Basic: $199
  • Windows Vista Home Premium: $239
  • Windows Vista Business: $299
  • Windows Vista Ultimate: $399 (Source:

New Feature: Windows Anytime Upgrade

Since the DVD contains all flavors of Vista operating system, an unlock code determines which version of Vista will be installed onto a PC. With that said, a new feature called the "Windows Anytime Upgrade" allows users to upgrade to more advanced versions of Vista by simply phoning in Microsoft customer service in order to obtain a new license key. The upgrade then takes place from the same DVD used to install the previous version. (Source:

"With Windows Anytime Upgrade, the idea is to provide customers with the most convenient user experience possible by enabling them to more easily and directly upgrade to a higher edition of Windows Vista from within their current edition," a Microsoft spokesperson said. (Source:

The Anytime Update initiative will not only cut costs for Microsoft, but will also provide a seamless upgrade for Vista customers.

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