Internet Explorer 8.0 Already Rumored

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Have you recently made the leap of faith from the relatively-buggy Internet Explorer 6 to the recently released and even-more-buggy IE7?

IE7 is Microsoft's latest web browser and promises better options and security. Although it has gone through its own controversy in recent weeks, Internet Explorer 7 is generally considered an advancement in Internet surfing. And with that said, there are strong rumors that the Redmond-based company has already begun working on Internet Explorer "Next," which should be ultimately dubbed Internet Explorer 8.0.

Recently appointed Internet Explorer platform architect Chris Wilson made a few statements on the next version of IE before a crowd at the Ajax Experience 2006 conference in Boston this week. Although he remained "mum" on most details, Wilson assured listeners that the next Explorer, due out in the next 12-18 months, will again be committed to increased security and compatibility. (Source:

Wilson made mention of Internet Explorer 8.0 in between moments of unadulterated bragging over the most recent IE release. According to Microsoft's platform architect, a total of 3 million copies of IE 7 were downloaded in the first four days of its availability. Wilson did note, however, that the jump to the new browser has been difficult for some web sites that continue to assume IE 6 as the default browser. An easier transition will surely be Microsoft's goal for the next version of Explorer.

All of this new excitement comes shortly after some painful moments for IE 7's producers. Much attention has been made over its failed security test, a result of Microsoft's ignorance of several key issues reaching back to the sixth version of the browser. (Source:

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