Stats Canada: Online Shopping Not Preferred Amongst Most Canadians

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Statistics Canada announced that Canadians only purchased $7.9 billion worth of goods and services over the Internet in 2005. This figure is rather low, considering that $762 billion was spent on online goods and services worldwide in the same year. (Source:

Other data revealed that nearly 7 million Canadians 18 years or older placed actual online orders, while in excess of 9 million Canadians logged on primarily to browse the products available. The most common online purchases included hotel reservations and car rentals, followed by books, magazines and various electronic devices. (Source:

Three quarters of those who purchased their items online used a credit card, despite previous survey results that suggested online shoppers continued to be concerned about revealing their credit card number and other personal information. (Source:

When converting the numbers into a percentage, Canada's contribution to online purchases does not even cover 10% of those worldwide. The figures are further shocking because of the fact that Canada is considered a rather technologically advanced nation.

The close proximity of the U.S. to Canada should have been an added incentive for Canadians to shop online, because the shipping costs are generally lower than purchasing products overseas. The Internet provides an easy access to both of these long distance markets.

Also, considering that 41% of all adults who use the Internet do so for consumer purposes, the general consensus would see the figures slightly higher. It should be interesting to see if this trend continues into 2006, especially since online shopping will continue to be an important staple in the future of commerce. (Source:

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