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You can liven up your MS Word document by inserting graphics into it. The Microsoft Clip Gallery is a nice little program that organizes the thousands of professionally drawn clip art images that accompany the Office programs. The Clip Gallery also contains sounds and motion clips, but they are not useful in printed documents.

To insert graphics into your document, follow the steps below:

  1. Place the insertion point where you want to insert a picture.
  2. Choose Insert | Picture | Clip Art. This opens the Clip Gallery window.
  3. If you're using Office 2000, you may have to insert the Office 2000 CD-ROM into the drive before you access the Clip Gallery with the Insert | Picture command.
  4. Click a category to browse through the collection of small versions or thumbnails of the pictures.
  5. If you prefer, type a keyword in the Search for Clips box to search for pictures that fit your description from all the categories.
  6. Place the mouse pointer over an image and pause to see a short description, file size and file type.
  7. Click the image you want to insert, and a pop-up menu appears.
  8. Click the top button to insert the image into your document.
  9. Close the Clip Gallery to return to the document and see the picture inserted.

The picture appears in the document. To delete a picture, click to select it and then press Delete or Backspace.

Note:If you are going to insert several pictures throughout the document, minimize the Clip Gallery instead of closing it. That way you can quickly return and insert more pictures when you're ready!

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