MySpace to Virtually Fingerprint Audio Pirates

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Representatives from have announced the creation of a system that will prevent users from uploading copyright music onto their personal sites.

The system known as "audio fingerprinting" intends to protect the rights of all recording and independent artists. (Source: hopes to review all music files uploaded through a database known as Gracenote Inc. Members who repeatedly attempt to upload copyright music files will be permanently removed from the site and relieved of all privileges. (Source:

Recently, sites typically driven by end-users have come under harsh criticism by record labels and recording artists. Some have actually gone forward with lawsuits against both the user and the website provider.

While users are able to select preferred songs and videos, those artists which produced the content are receiving no compensation for their work. In this respect, the website provider is considered to be assisting, and even encouraging, users to pirate media. (Source:

Both the website provider and recording artists are in the process of suggesting alternatives that would please both sides, with several record labels already accepting a share of the ad revenue on the sites.

However, the sudden popularity of personal websites has made it nearly impossible to monitor all areas. Among the other problems associated with are hackers infiltrating the site and releasing spam into some personal areas, while strangers acting as "friends" have relatively easy access to all users. (Source:

The company hopes to alleviate all security concerns and maintain a lasting relationship with record labels, recording artists and users of their website.

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