Enhancements on the way for Microsoft Dynamics

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The times are a-changin'.

And no one knows it more than Microsoft. At the recent Convergence Conference held in Munich earlier this month, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates spoke about the company's line of applications for mid-sized businesses, called "Dynamics."

Microsoft Dynamics is the company's effort to recognize and adapt to the evolving technological needs of businesses. Dynamics offers hosts of online services the ability to streamline various business practices. Among Dynamics' product offerings are customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools. (Source: news.com)

In his speech, Gates addressed the shortcomings of many software applications. He said, "Business applications should make companies more agile, but in practice this often isn't the case. While a decade's worth of software innovation has transformed the workplace, linking the work people do every day directly into business processes is still too complicated." (Source: yahoo.com)

Of course, Gates offered the remedy: "Microsoft Dynamics solutions connect people and processes so businesses can empower their employees to work with greater speed, effectiveness and intelligence." (Source: yahoo.com)

Gates also commented on the future of Dynamics. He plans to take Microsoft Dynamics into the "MSN Live" era by deeply integrating Dynamics and Office with online services.

Brad Wilson, General Manager of Microsoft CRM, notes the positive impact the integration will have: "We've always said that it is easier doing CRM through Office and Outlook than in a separate application," Wilson said. "Now you can have CRM information and activities serviced through your Windows desktop." (Source: searchcrm.com)

Other changes include the capability to create online marketing campaigns with Dynamics and Microsoft AdCenter. Microsoft also plans to offer online collaboration tools which link companies with its customers, partners and suppliers. (Source: yahoo.com)

Microsoft is putting a good deal of effort into the Dynamics face-lift. The company has been trying to boost the product's popularity after its disappointing stint under the name Microsoft Business Solutions.

Gates' announcement at the Convergence Conference indicates that Microsoft Dynamics is more than just a repackaging of Business Solutions. It is dynamic not only in name, but also in use.

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