Modify Text Boxes: MS Word

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Text boxes are similar to pictures, but some methods of modifying them are unique.

  • To move the text box, drag it's border.
  • To resize the text box, drag the sizing handles.
  • To delete a text box, click its border so that the insertion point is no longer blinking inside it. Then press Delete or Backspace or right-click on it and select Cut.

To change the wrapping style and other properties of the box, use one of these methods to access the Format Text Box dialog box:

  • Choose Format | Text box, double-click the border, or right-click the corner and choose Format Text Box from the shortcut menu. The Format Text Box dialog box has several tabs.
  • If you want to use several text boxes on different pages to contain an article, you can link them so the text will flow between them.

Below are the steps to accomplish this:

  1. Create several text boxes.
  2. Type or paste the text into the first text box, and don't worry that all the text doesn't fit.
  3. With the first text box selected, click the Create Text Box Link button on the Text Box toolbar.
  4. With the pouring mouse pointer, click the second text box to establish the link.

The text flows from one text box to another, even if you resize the boxes or edit the text.

Text boxes by default, have lines on all four sides, but they're not controlled as borders. To change or remove the lines, you have to use the Line Color, Line Style or Dash style buttons on the Drawing toolbar.

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