Larry King and Senior Internet Usage

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One of the media's most prominent seniors, Larry King, of Larry King Live, recently informed the world on his show that he has never used the Internet. In an on-air interview with popular female comedian and (former) star Roseanne Barr, King told his guest and viewers that "I've never done it, never gone searching."

For those who have criticized King for his cultural ignorance for years, it's only an affirmation of his age. But, is age the real factor? Studies show that senior usage of the Internet on the rise, making King look... not so good.

It's Larry King's 49th year in broadcasting. It would seem that he's celebrating the occasion by emphasizing his undying love for the medium that has made him so popular and wealthy while downplaying the importance of the information superhighway.

He looked particularly frustrated when he whined to Barr that the Internet had "80 million things on it." To him, that's too much. Like a city where the streets have no name, King feels he has nowhere to start. (source:

Is that the kind of image popular culture has associated with senior citizens? It would appear, however, that this is a very misguided belief. Recent studies have shown that 22% of those over the age of 65 now use the Internet, which is a fairly impressive statistic. It's a number that has climbed 47% since the year 2000, meaning that seniors are, in growing numbers, clutching to technology as it skyrockets upwards. (source:

So, the lesson here is to ignore Larry King. Don't let one of the media's most popular figures characterize an age group that is rapidly adjusting to the changes in the technological universe.

We'll end with a classic quote from Larry. When prodded by Barr that he would love the 'net if he gave it an honest try, King responded, "No, I wouldn't...The wife loves it. I wouldn't love it. What, do you punch little buttons and things?"

Apparently, King is also unfamiliar with calculators and typewriters.

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