Sony: Defective Digital Cameras Get Free Repair

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Recently, Sony issued a statement claiming to have found defects in some of their popular Cyber-shot digital cameras.

The problems with the Cyber-shot cameras follow a recent global recall of Sony-made laptop batteries that have affected almost every major laptop maker in the industry.

Among the affected cameras are eight Cyber-shot models sold between September 2003 and January 2005. While the problem was predicted to be exclusive to electronic markets in Japan, some have also experienced similar complications in various pockets of the world. (Source:

The specific problems are found in the liquid crystal screen of the camera. The affected models are not able to display images correctly, with some causing picture distortion. Some are not even able to take pictures at all. The recent problems have caused much disturbance within the Sony Corporation.

While a global recall has not been issued on all Cyber-shot cameras, Sony has attempted to appease the situation by offering to repair all affected cameras free of charge. The company fears that by issuing a recall, a substantial amount of money would be uselessly squandered. Sony also fears that a global recall would further reduce an already diminishing consumer base. (Source:

This is the second time in over a year that Sony has announced problems with their digital cameras. Similar problems were declared in over 20 other digital camera models last October. The company again opted to offer free repairs instead of issuing a worldwide recall. (Source:

Despite having the reputation of being one of the leading producers of electronic devices and systems, Sony continues to fall behind their rival companies. Advancements in flat-panel televisions, portable music players and DVD recorders have been especially lacking. The Sony products in these areas are now widely considered inferior when compared to the other brands available. (Source:

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