YouTube Videos: Coming to a Cell Phone Near You

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Verizon Wireless has secured the exclusive rights to provide the popular video service YouTube to their cell phone customers. The move marks the first venture for YouTube outside of their online community.

The only inconvenience appears to be that consumers must now pay for the cellular version of the service. While the YouTube website offers free unlimited video content, the cellular version will require a $15-a-month subscription to the Verizon option package known as VCast. (Source: While the online version offers a seemingly endless video library, the VCast subscription only allows a set number of videos to be released and only after each video is reviewed (and deemed appropriate) by Verizon employees. (Source:

The limited number of videos has caused much debate within the online community, with many feeling that the overall appeal of YouTube is the opportunity for viewers to select material that is generally free of the restrictive guidelines proposed by Verizon.

Verizon still remains confidant that the initial mixed reception for their service will not likely impact the final number of subscriptions. The general consensus at Verizon is that the company is excited to embark on this new adventure with YouTube.

The company also believes that this new service will likely attract the average consumers who are potentially buying a cell phone for the first time. By offering a service that is exclusive to Verizon, consumers will likely be drawn to their product over a similar product provided by rival companies. (Source:

Although representatives from Verizon were unwilling to discuss the financial details of the exclusive deal, they did estimate that the service would likely be made available early next month. Verizon also stressed the importance of subscribing to the VCast package early, because the YouTube service will only be available to Verizon customers for a limited period of time.

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