Microsoft Estimates 1 Million Zune Sales by June

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Recently, Microsoft publicly revealed their expectations for the new Zune music player. The company estimates that they are likely to sell one million devices through the first half of the new year.

While many within the industry recognize that this figure is significantly less than the amount of iPods sold by Apple Computer Inc., those within Microsoft are viewing the estimate as a positive starting point. (Source:

Microsoft representatives agree that expectations will likely increase in the second half of the new year, once more models are introduced and devices become available on international markets.

Currently, Zunes are only available in the United States and plans for international sale have yet to be disclosed.

Those within the Microsoft Corporation truly believe that the features available on the Zune will appeal to more consumers than those available on the iPod. One particular feature that the Zune offers is the ability for people to send songs wirelessly to other Zune users.

This feature has been the target of recent criticism by industry experts who claim that the music shared between Zune customers expires after three days, and consumers are only allowed to listen to these songs for up to three times during the 3-day period. (Source:

Microsoft has avoided all questions that pertain to Zune being their attempt to steal consumers away from Apple. Talks of Microsoft manufacturing a rival music device were conspicuously made after Apple had publicly stated that in one year they had sold 39 million iPods of various sizes and models. (Source:

If the initial sales are any indication of the reception that the Zune will likely experience, Apple has little to worry about.

Zune ranked second among all MP3 portable music players in its first week of availability. However, effective marketing and special promotions of rival devices resulted in the Zune falling to fifth place after only two weeks on the market. (Source:

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