An Internet Lie Detector That Works with VoIP

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Did someone in Israel read the recent Infopackets story about technology making it easier for people to lie? It sure seems that way!

Actually, the uniquely titled KishKish Lie Detector has been available to the public since December, and a new beta upgrade has just been released.

The Israeli technology works over the Internet with popular online phone service, called Skype. (Source:

"We tested it with the [former U.S. president Bill] Clinton speech about his relationship with his intern Monica Lewinsky," stated Zvi Marom, the founder and CEO of BATM Advanced Communications. "When he says 'I have never had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky', the lie detector's needle jumps through the roof," Marom demonstrated.

KishKish works in real-time, monitoring the "stress levels" of the speaker's voice. "In the end, the voice is the biggest manifesto of what we think," insisted Marom.

What happens if you try to trick the software by lying on purpose? "It won't work," confirmed KishKish's head of development, Alex Rosenbaum, "because you won't be stressed."

Is this something a potential employer can use to weed out dubious applicants over the phone? "I get a lot of emails about people wanting to carry out professional interviews over Skype," Rosenbaum answered, "but we say you should check with your legal authorities." (Source:

According to a BATM press release, the lie detector isn't the only application the Israeli company has developed for Skype: "The Lie Detector is the latest in a series of products which KishKish has designed to enhance the Skype experience. Other tools include: voice mail, call recorder, book and mobile, with further additions expected in the near future." (Source:

What's next on the agenda for BATM? Believe it or not, they're working on a "Love-o-meter" that promises to gauge romantic interest levels over the web.

"They'll like it in France," Marom commented.

If you're a Skype user, you can download the KishKish Lie Detector for free:

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