Dell Urges PC World to 'Go Green'

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Dell Inc. has issued a public challenge urging the entire PC industry to make free recycling programs available to their customers. Dell has made the first step in their crusade by offering to plant a tree for every personal computer they sell.

The free recycling program has resulted in high accolades from a number of reputable sources. Greenpeace, one of the most prominent international environmental groups, has given Dell "high green marks" and has offered their full support in attracting a number of other high profile PC manufacturers to engage in the program as well. (Source:

This is not the first time Dell has tackled environmental concerns. In 2004, the company offered to recycle any computer or printer, if the individual intended to replace the old hardware with a new Dell product.

The policy has since been revised to include the recycling of all Dell-brand personal computers, printers or other electronics gear for free, with no purchase of any new Dell product required.

Dell also announced a new "Plant a Tree for Me" program, where customers can choose to have either $2 of a laptop purchase or $6 of a desktop purchase go toward funds to plant trees. These trees will be strategically placed in various state parks and wildlife areas worldwide. (Source:

Dell capitalized on the mass media coverage, revealing several new products and future expectations.

One of the new products released by Dell was a Home Media Suite bundle. The package includes a new media center PC based on Microsoft Corp.'s upcoming Windows Vista operating system, a 27-inch flat-panel monitor, a printer and a wireless router. Dell announced that the Home Media Suite would be the first PC that can play back and record premium cable content. (Source:

The Home Media Suite will be available in the U.S. following the release of Microsoft Vista. A price has yet to be disclosed.

Dell also announced plans to offer a new online data-migration service called Dell DataSafe. Dell DataSafe is an online service for customers looking to purchase a new Dell computer. The consumer would allow Dell to have access to a number of personal photos, music or other data ahead of time, so that the data would be pre-loaded directly onto a customer's newly purchased system. (Source:

Dell DataSafe will be made available to the public by the end of the year.

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