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With the anticipated launch of Vista's home version nearing, Microsoft is making a valiant effort to bring as many people into the fold as humanly possible. They're doing so via a limited time offer that will give consumers who purchase the operating system's "Ultimate Edition" the ability to install it on an extra PC.

Such a notion was previously thought unlikely from Microsoft, who plan on demanding an additional $50 for each PC license afterwards. (Source:

Microsoft is launching the opportunity at what it calls "super-engaged customers", the type who may be involved in small business or heavy computer use. Clearly, the company believes this is the segment of the population most likely to be impressed with the OS' new features, and in turn spread the word to other potential customers.

In order to better cash in on Vista, Microsoft is also now offering a service called "Anytime Upgrade", which gives users the ability to step up from a cheaper edition to a more expensive version at, well, "anytime". For those interested in this upgrade, Microsoft is offering Anytime as an online service, meaning one needn't visit the local retailer.

Won't that aggravate Vista vendors?

In order to keep the powerful big box stores happy, Microsoft is including major retailers in the Anytime Upgrade campaign. Those stores that promise to promote the initiative will be given an unspecified profit margin boost on each sale.

Clearly, Microsoft is juggling a few different concepts, including customer and vendor satisfaction while still attempting to maximize profit. We're told the generosity won't last forever, as the company plans on discontinuing the offer (in Canada and the U.S.) after June 30. (Source:

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