Expand, Collapse and View Outline Headings: MS Word

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As you begin to add text in MS Word, the paragraphs of text might make it hard to see the outline structure in Outline view. You can collapse your outline to view only headings of a certain level or higher, and you can expand and collapse individual portions of the outline to concentrate on a single area.

In Outline view, headings have a plus or minus symbol to the left, and normal paragraphs of text you have added are designated by a small square.

  • Click a number button on the Outline toolbar to collapse the outline to show only headings at that level and higher. Collapsed text underneath appears as a shaded line.
  • Double-click the plus symbol next to an individual heading to expand all the subheadings and text under it. Double-click the plus symbol to collapse the heading again.
  • Drag the plus symbol next to a heading up or down to move it and all the material under it. This is a great way to rearrange large segments of text.

Expanding, collapsing and viewing various levels of headings helps keep your ideas organized as you write the report.

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