Modify Footnotes and Endnotes In Outline View: MS Word

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After a note has been created you may have a need to modify it. You don't have to repeat the Insert | Footnote command; this will only insert an additional note reference mark. Instead, avail yourself to one of the actions below to change the text:

  1. In Normal view, choose View | Footnotes. This opens the footnote pane, where you can make changes to the note text.
  2. In Print Layout view, scroll to view the bottom of the page. Make changes as you would any text.

If your footnotes are too long to fit on the corresponding page, they will extend to the next page. To show continuation of footnotes from the previous page, MS Word inserts a line that extends the width of the page, rather than just the standard two-inch line.

If you decide to more a footnote, you must move the sentence as well as the corresponding reference mark within your document. The footnote will automatically appear on the new page.

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