Vista Criticism Already Pouring In: What's Your Take?

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Well, Vista has just launched. It's been months and months of ramped up excitement as Microsoft's most anticipated product in ten years finally reaches the average consumer, and although the buzz is hardly a fraction of what it was for Windows 95, Vista, like a McDonald's double cheeseburger, has people talking.

Of course, now the big questions surround whether the new OS is worth the investment, with many insiders concerned there simply are not enough "killer apps".

One such app is Office 2007, the most recent version of software deemed necessary by business workers and university students alike. However, after that clearly obvious answer, what else is there? According to some, not enough, and that could leave Microsoft short of its expected sales. (Source:

However, I'm here to say this: Vista is about more than traditional applications. After doing some serious research for an upcoming eBook, it's become clear that Microsoft has taken a no-holds-barred attitude to cleaning up the little annoyances that damned XP and all of its own applications.

That means upgraded security in Internet Explorer 7, no more ties between Mail and web browsers, and, of course, Aero. For those who haven't seen it, the graphical facelift Vista has received (called Aero) is a sight to behold. (Source:

Critics want more, and perhaps they deserve it. Some support for new Adobe software, such as flash and PDF technologies, would be nice. So would even more improvements to multimedia tools like Media Player 11, which is upgraded -- but certainly not overhauled.

It will take some time before the real critics -- average home consumers -- weigh in with their very valuable opinions.

So, What's Your Take on Vista?

Email me your thoughts and criticisms and we'll share with the rest of the world ;-)

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