Dell Deals Vista 'Big Time,' Says CEO

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With the big box electronics stores and everyday department retailers now (finally) selling Vista to home consumers, it's time to wait and see exactly how well the new operating system does for Microsoft.

The project, once code named "Longhorn", has involved ten thousand employees and a whole lot of investment -- both in time and money. It seems as if the first indicators of release success are coming from major online computer retailer Dell, who announced a few days ago that they've already shipped tens of thousands of copies of Vista. (Source:

Dell's own Vista flurry began last weekend, when the company announced that it would be shipping computer systems equipped with the new operating system. First indicators are that the initiative is doing quite well, with CEO Kevin Rollins telling a favorable Microsoft launch party crowd that Vista had actually boosted Dell's web traffic by 20%.

In addition, all of the Dell systems currently shipping out are locked and loaded with Vista. That's right, 100%. (Source:

Despite Dell's enthusiasm, most retail excitement appears lax compared to that seen over a decade ago with Windows 95. That's may be a problem for Microsoft, even as CEO Steve Ballmer made the bold prediction that Vista sales will outpace the mid-90s operating system.

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