'Spy Me Tools', and 'Giga Tribe'

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Spy Me Tools

SpyMe Tools is very useful in detecting Registry and Disk changes. If any application installs spyware, adware, dlls, programs, files, or any other type of file, picture, or program, etc. or changes the Registry's content, you will be able to see exactly where the modification occurred so you can take measures. It seems like more and more programs are attempting to install spyware, advertisements, or other garbage without your knowledge. With this software, you will hopefully know when something has been added or removed.


Giga Tribe

GigaTribe is software that allows you to exchange files with your friends on a private network. It works by creating a private network by inviting friends. No one can join your network unless invited. You can dismiss or banish guests at any time. And lastly, your guests can't see each other while on your network.


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