How Do I Make Page Numbers Appear as Text in MS Word?, Part 2

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In response to a previous tip showing you how to make your page numbers appear as text, I received a subsequent inquiry from a reader asking:

" My question is how do I get the pagination to capitalize the numbers (words)? And can I get the pagination to read "One of eight" for instance? Thank you in advance. "

My reply:

  1. To display the page number in capitals, click inside the page number field and press SHIFT + F9 to display the field code. Add \*upper before closing the brace. The code should now look like this:
  2. {PAGE\*cardtext\*upper}
  3. Press F9 to hide the field code and update the field.

For the total number of pages, you use the NUMPAGES field instead of the PAGE field. So you'd end up with field codes like this:

Page{PAGE\*cardtext} of {NUMPAGES\* cardtext}

It is important that you not type the field braces yourself. Either press CTRL + F9 to insert them, or use Insert | Field to create a field.

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