Vista Now or Later?

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While many stores braced themselves for the anticipated long lines that were to inevitably accompany the release of Windows Vista, retailers were shocked and somewhat disappointed to find that only a select few arrived early to purchase the latest Microsoft products.

In fact, the lineups weren't even comparable to the swarms of consumers that rushed to retail stores looking to purchase the newly released PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii video game consoles. (Source:

It is estimated that the average number of consumers that actually arrived early for Vista was roughly a dozen people per location. (Source:

Vista: Now or Later?

While a number of people worldwide continue to use Microsoft software, the company continues to face ever-increasing competition from Linux open-source operating systems and an array of other free desktop or web-based applications. (Source:

Microsoft Corp. believes that users will eventually upgrade their PC's to Vista, because of its 3D user interface, security and parental controls, as well as host of other new features that are to accompany the new operating system in the coming months.

Improvements have also been made to Microsoft's Office software. The company has removed some familiar buttons and menus in favor of a "ribbon" of settings that will change depending on the user's particular task. (Source:

Microsoft realizes that most XP users will not likely see the introduction of Vista as a reason to change their current operating system in the immediate future. Instead, Microsoft estimates that it will likely take five to seven years before the majority of Windows XP users make the switch to Vista.

When do you plan on Upgrading to Vista?

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