Vista and iTunes: Oil and Water

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Apple has some bad news if you've been planning on listening to your iTunes on Vista: it may not work.

Apple issued an advisory on last Friday explaining that iTunes 7.0.2, when launched on Vista, has been giving users trouble. There have been problems with purchased music tracks playing, synching issues, and -- worse of all -- incidences where the iPod corrupts. (Source:

iPods have corrupted when users try to eject the device from a desktop port using the "Safely Remove Hardware" feature on Vista. To safely remove the device, it must be undocked using the "Eject iPod" control on iTunes software. (Source:

To resolve the incompatibility problems, Apple proposes that Vista-hungry consumers hold off on upgrading to Vista until the next version of iTunes becomes available. The new version is expected to be released within a few weeks. (Source:

For those that just cannot wait to get the much-hyped operating system, Apple recommends following these steps: (Source:

  1. Deauthorize iTunes Store accounts
  2. Enable "Disk Use" on the iPod
  3. Uninstall iTunes
  4. Perform a clean installation of Windows Vista (highly recommended but not required)
  5. Reinstall the latest version of iTunes
  6. Open iTunes
  7. Choose "Authorize Computer" from the "Store" menu in iTunes

Apple also offers a repair tool for users experiencing problems. The tool can be accessed at Apple's website.

While some see this debacle as another reason to hold of on getting Vista, others note that Apple should have been better prepared for the Vista launch. Whichever the case, it leaves the iTunes-using-Vista-wanting-consumers in a not-so-pleasant position.

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