Office Outlook 2007 Reviews Mixed

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Now that Vista has been out for a few weeks now, the focus has shifted a bit from the operating system as a whole to other, new projects from Microsoft.

One of the most notable new releases from the company is Office Outlook 2007, a program that promises to save the user oodles of time when navigating email and calendar screens. Reviews are starting to pour out on Office Outlook's recent edition, and we thought we'd discuss some of the highlights and lowlights here.

Much like Vista, Microsoft has crafted Office Outlook 2007 to be as easy to navigate and edit as possible. If you need to place a task in the calendar, you can click and drag it directly in. Furthermore, images can be edited within messages, making quick pics that much easier. (Source:

On the performance side, searches have been noticeably supercharged in speed. It's also much quicker to navigate through security warnings, as they've been simplified and made easier to comprehend. The most important feature of Office Outlook 2007 may be that it integrates well with almost all other Office software.

Almost, that is. One of the more popular little additions to Microsoft's Vista is its Instant Search, available within the OS' included Windows Desktop Search. That's integrated here, but users of XP will have to install it separately. This is a bit annoying, and most reviews feature plenty of complaining about the Search not being an already installed part of the program. (Source:

The biggest complaint against the new Office may stem from Microsoft's support price-jacking. It's raised help costs significantly in Office, making any official MS aid a $49 call.


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