Switch to Vista, Get Free WiFi Internet

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With Windows Vista being available for several weeks now, some casual PC users are still hesitant to trade in their Windows XP (or in some cases, Windows '98) operating systems. The reason for failing to make the switch for many consumers is the cost of purchasing the new operating system and its believed proneness to bugs and hacking.

Microsoft has addressed the latter concern by providing a revamped spyware package known as Microsoft OneCare. The company hopes that consumers will be more inclined to make the transition if they feel that the company is providing outlets for the safety of their PC.

As an added incentive, Microsoft also announced that those individuals who make the switch to Vista will be equipped with free WiFi Internet access for three months, for a limited time.

WiFi access will be provided by hot-spot operator The Cloud, who has pinpointed their extensive network coverage in the U.K. as the primary reason in Microsoft's decision to form a partnership with their service. The U.K.'s wireless network powerhouse is ecstatic with the conditions of their agreement with Microsoft and expects an influx of new customers once the three month trial period expires. (Source: news.com)

Vista users will be able to access The Cloud service by visiting Microsoft's U.K. Vista home page and signing up. The Cloud has promised that no credit card information will be needed when signing up for the three month promotion.

Currently, The Cloud operates 7,500 WiFi sites throughout the United Kingdom, with indoor hot spots in selected airports, railway stations and hotels. The Cloud also offers outdoor "hotzones" in six city centers throughout the U.K. Those sources close to The Cloud are also reporting that the company will be implementing WiFi services across the financial heart of London at the end of March. (Source: feed24.com)

While The Cloud's offer will only be available to those consumers living in the United Kingdom, Microsoft users living in North America will soon be able to capitalize on a similar offer from T-Mobile. The offer will match that of The Cloud, but T-Mobile's complimentary trial offer will no longer be available after April 30. (Source: news.com)

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