Apple TV Release Delayed Until March

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Apple Inc. has announced that the launch of their newest venture, Apple TV, will be delayed until next month. Industry analysts remain confused about the wait, as Apple has apparently given no reason for their decision to hold off on the release of their new product.

Apple TV is the company's latest gadget that allows for online video and other media content to be streamlined from computers to televisions. The product will be sold as a hardware component and should sit comfortably atop or beside a television set.

In a brief statement given to media reporters, an Apple representative stated that the company has completed the production of the product, but it is still taking a few weeks longer than they had initially anticipated to test the device. The representative declined to go into anymore details on the delay, nor comment any further on the subject. (Source:

The ability for the device to transmit digital content from computers to televisions is the main reason many industry analysts anticipate exceptional results upon its release.

The expected positive reception for the product will likely generate a number of imitation devices from various rival companies, signaling the start of Internet-based television video competition. (Source:

Apple's delay will only benefit these rival companies, who will have another month to work on their retaliatory devices before Apple TV is released to the public sometime in March.

Industry insiders admit that by pioneering Internet-based video, Apple continues to fuel their reputation of being the recognized technological superpower that smaller companies just cannot compete with.

Apple TV will join a host of other successful Apple products, such as the Macintosh PC, Macintosh laptop and iPod portable music player.

The delay is already taking its toll on Apple's stocks. Apple shares lost 42 cents after the closing bell had been rung, bringing the company's stocks down to $88.65 on the Nasdaq Stock Market. (Source:

When Apple TV is released next month, retailers are suggested to sell the product for $299.

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