Perform a Multi-Column Sort: MS Excel

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There will be some occasions when you will want to perform a sort using more than one column in MS Excel. You already know how to perform a sort using one column and now if you follow the steps below you can add a little to your Excel knowledge of sorting.

  1. Position the active cell anywhere within the data list.
  2. Choose Data | Sort The Sort dialog box will appear.
  3. Select the first column to sort by in the Sort by List box.
  4. Choose Ascending or Descending.
  5. The names of the columns appear if the list is designed correctly and the Header row option is selected in the My list has area of the Sort dialog box.
  6. To specify additional sort criteria, select columns from the Then by list boxes, and then select the appropriate sort order for each.
  7. Select the desired option in the My list has area.
  8. Choose OK.
Next time we'll discuss Custom Sorts!

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