Google Offers Gadgets to IBM

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Massively popular search engine Google has been diversifying its interests as of late.

Previously known only for its ability to transfer the user to the most relevant websites in a query, Google expanded into the interactive mainstream last year by purchasing for more than a billion dollars. And if that wasn't enough to show the might of the almighty Goo, the company recently released its own "gadget" web tools, designed to offer Internet services similar to Vista's operating system helpers. Now, it appears major tech company IBM wants to use Google's tools for business use.

According to reports, Google and IBM are nearing an announcement that will give the latter company's employees exclusive access to Google gadgets. It means the Internet tools will be integrated with IBM's own WebSphere Portal software. (Source:

According to Larry Bowden, IBM's vice president of portals and web interaction, the gadgets will fuse consumer Internet technology and the company's own business programs. Both companies believe the interaction of these two spheres is the future of working within the tech industry.

The coordinated functionality is meant to open a whole new world for IBM customers. One of the key purposes is to allow for custom storage of names, addresses, and other vital information -- all while using Google's gadgets to do so.

In addition, if a user wants to use the gadgets within a browser that's IBM controlled, they'll be given unique access to the company's network access security. (Source:

Bowden expects that more gadgets from other providers will grow in number as IBM becomes more comfortable with the technology.

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