Intel Won't Upgrade to Vista: For Now

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Intel, who has not benefited from expected boosts in sales after the Microsoft Windows Vista launch, has decided not to upgrade its PCs to Vista until the first service pack has been released. Once the service pack is released, Intel says they will still hold off on a full Vista roll-out. (Source: PC Advisor UK)

"I know of no organization that is going to adopt it before Service pack 1 is out -- that's in the second half of this year -- and that includes us. Starting in the second half of this year we'll do a modest deployment, and continue into next year. That's the large company approach for all the people I've talked to," said Intel's Chief Executive Paul Otellini.

Otellini also stated that he didn't expect too many companies to upgrade their current PCs to Vista, opting instead to hold off on Vista deployment until it's time to buy new computers.

"Vista will play out like XP did," Otellini said in reference to Microsoft's last major OS launch. "People won't upgrade the OS on the machine, they will buy it on a new machine when they need to do that."

Otellini also said people would warm to the new OS once they play with it. "It's nicer and prettier. For those who use Macs, it's closer to the Mac than we've seen for a long time."

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