'Ultra Explorer', and 'Power Shell Xp3'

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Ultra Explorer

Ultra Explorer is designed to be the ultimate File Manager for Microsoft Windows. The user interface is completely customizable: you can hide or show as many of the featured windows, dock them in other places or let them float as free standing windows. The same is true for the tool bars; you can even move buttons from toolbars to other toolbars and assign your own short cuts keys.


Power Shell Xp3

PowerShell XP adds the following to your context menus: Right Click the "My Computer" icon: Add/Remove Programs, Calculator, Clean Drive, Control Panel, Dos Prompt, Edit Registry, Logoff, Quit Windows, Reboot, Security Center (New), System Properties, and System Restore. Right Click the "Drive(s)" icon's: Check Drive (New), Clean Drive, Defrag this Drive, Dos Prompt, Right Click a "Folder" icon: Backup this Folder, Dos Prompt, Copy to Folder, Move to Folder, Right Click on a File., Copy to Folder, and Move to Folder. Highlight and then Right Click a word on a webpage: Search Current News (New), Search Encyclopedia (New), Search for Images, Search Newsgroups, and Search the Web. In "New" property menus: HTML Document, and Registration Entries.


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