More Vista Headaches for iTune Users

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After several attempts to make iTunes compatible with Windows Vista, Apple is still discovering defects and incompatibility issues. The iTunes software is a crucial component when synching music to be downloaded onto iPod portable players.

Even though Apple recently released iTunes 7.1, the company urges customers not to install the product on Vista-ready computers until all the incompatibility issues are resolved. (Source:

Apple has since removed warnings from their website in favor of a cautionary notice that acknowledges some glitches with the program -- which includes possible corruption to the iPod player. The cautionary notice also revealed that the previous glitch which prevented Vista users from playing music and videos was no longer an issue.

Apple also warned that iTunes 7.1 may have difficulty synchronizing music in Windows. The text and graphics of iTunes also may not be correctly displayed when running on Vista. Apple suggested that resizing the display screen should correct most of these problems. (Source:

Microsoft has agreed to assist Apple in resolving some of the known issues, but Apple would not comment when asked how much longer users would have to wait until iTunes is completely manageable on Vista.

Microsoft has pledged to work with a long list of companies, including Apple, to ensure their software is completely compatible with Vista. (Source:

While both Microsoft and Apple compete in various markets, analysts have continued to recognize Microsoft as the leader in computer systems, while Apple is recognized as the leader in online digital music hardware and software. (Source:

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