Remove lop (, C2 Media) from Internet Explorer, Part 2

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Yesterday's article, which details how to "Remove lop (, C2 Media) from Internet Explorer", prompted quite a few responses from readers.

Remove lop (, C2 Media) from Internet Explorer

Robert S. writes:

" I Just received the latest Infopackets and was reading about the and C2 media. You mentioned SpyBot Search and Destroy (SBSD) ... [from my own experience,] the latest version (1.2) has a problem with [Lop] ... SBSD has issued a fix, but it still does not work on my Windows 2000 Operation System. "

I also received the below email from Michael A. Woods of LavaSoft (creators of Ad-Aware):

" In your latest newsletter you have listed Ad-aware as version 5. We are now on version 6.0 build 0162 and plan a new upgrade very soon. [Your article also stated that Ad-aware 5 only removes older variants of Lop /] ... this is not true, as we remove ALL current versions of and do so without the false positives that are current [versions of the] SpyBot Search and Destroy software. "

Gaston P. sent me a link to a program called SpywareBlaster which claims to prevent Spyware from installing on your machine before it can do any damage.

" [With respect to] David R.’s question about removing Lop, I [personally use both] Spybot-Search & Destroy and SpywareBlaster. SpywareBlaster doesn't scan and clean for Spyware -- it prevents it from ever being installed. It’s free ware and it is great software it really works. "

And, lastly, David H. sent me this very nice letter:

" Thank you -- first of all -- for a great newsletter, which I have enjoyed and benefited from for some time now. Your article on '' was indeed very informative. Another useful tool to remove Lop can be found via an excellent article (below), which recommends a program called 'BHODemon' to remove Lop. Please keep the info coming, Dennis, I can assure you it is very much appreciated. "

You're welcome, David, and a big thank-you to others who wrote in!

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