My Yahoo Start Page to Begin Beta Testing

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Last Thursday, Yahoo announced a new beta version of its personalized My Yahoo start page. The launch will be gradual and will begin over the next few months.

Although only a limited number of Yahoo members will be able to try out the beta version, these users will have access to create their personalized space by simply dragging and dropping the content they would like to include on their My Yahoo start pages.

Beta testers will also have access to a pre-created My Yahoo page based on the other Yahoo services that they use. For example, members who often use Yahoo's shopping service will see a shopping module, while those who spend more time on Yahoo Games will see a game-centered version. (Source:

Yahoo has included many useful features in the My Yahoo start page. First of all, the page has a polished new interface, which closer resembles the main Yahoo start page. It also offers users a wider variety of themes and backgrounds to choose from. (Source:

Moreover, the new design makes sharing content easier. Users can share a selected piece of content, a content module or their entire My Yahoo page through email. To do this, users simply click on the "share" tool and a pop-up dialogue box will send it to a friend. (Source:

Another improvement is that My Yahoo has a wider focus. Flash games, videos, and up-to-the-moment weather and financial data can be included on My Yahoo start pages. (Source:

Yahoo has also added rollover pop-up previews of news stories and other content -- no clicking required. (Source:

To sign up for beta testing, visit:

For a sneak peek of what a My Yahoo start page can look like, click here.

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