Updated Visual Studio 2005 Gives Developers Power of Vista

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Microsoft has recently released its updated Visual Studio 2005 Studio Pack 1 (SP1), a revised edition that promises to allow developers to get the most out of future Windows applications. It steps up the initial developments launched with the first version of Visual Studio 2005 SP1, in December.

The key components in the December version of Visual Studio included .Net Framework 3.0, which is made up of the Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Workflow, Windows Communication Foundation, and Windows CardSpace. Each of these features have been made exclusively to help developers construct effective, and most importantly easy-to-use, applications. (Source: microsoft.com)

So, what does the March refresh do?

Although Microsoft executives initially assured the press that Visual Studio 2005 SP1 worked well when it was launched before the holiday season, there were a number of reported compatibility issues. Microsoft's Corporate Vice President of development, S. Soma Somaseger promised to completely remove any issues -- that may be the case, now. In December, many speculated that Visual Studio was rushed, and simply wasn't ready for Vista's new technology. (Source: zdnet.com)

This is another application to be updated and, in a way, upgraded by Microsoft for use with its newest operating system. That should prove beneficial for both the developers and those consumers seeking to reap the benefits, with more productive and impressive software products in the future.

There are still a number of other key applications yet to receive the "wax 'n shine" Vista treatment, but Microsoft promises these will be released often over the next few months.

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