Next Up for Google: Mobile Phones?

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If you were getting bored with the lack of juicy gossip in the tech world, don't worry: there's a new Google rumor making waves.

Ex-entrepreneur and technology buff Simeon Simeonov has posted a blog giving his two cents on what he thinks is Google's next move: the Google Phone. He purports that Andy Rubin, former founder of the company Danger, is working with a group of 100 Google staff members to develop the phone. (Source:

Simeonov also points out that Google has been slowly acquiring mobile-centric companies. Reqwireless, Inc., which produces mobile applications, and Skia, which makes mobile graphics, have recently joined the Google Corporation. In addition, Google's recent partnership with Samsung leads Simeonov to speculate that Google is planning on bringing their applications to Samsung mobile phones. (Source:

In terms of features, Simeonov claims that his source revealed that the Google Phone will be a Blackberry-like device and have a C++ core with an OS (Operating System) bootstrap. His source also divulged that the device will have optimized Java running on the C++ core and have a vector based presentation courtesy of Skia's graphics technology. Many services, such as VoIP, are also expected to be included. (Source:

Furthering the rumors is a recent job posting at Google's headquarters. The Google Jobs website has listed an opening for a "first-rate analog designer with more than 5 years experience." Further, the ad states that "Google is experimenting with a few wireless communications systems including some completely novel concepts." (Source:

Although many may scoff at the validity of the rumors, the evidence sure sounds convincing. Besides, at one point, the iPhone was just a rumor as well.

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