'Off System', and 'Sharp E'

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Off System

The OFF System for content storage and retrieval lets you store all digital content and allows only the people authorized to use it to do so. It is the proof of concept for 'bright nets' and will allow anyone to securely share digital data legally.


Sharp E

SharpE is a user-friendly desktop replacement for Windows XP and 2000. SharpDesk's powerful shell replacement makes crafting a luxurious desktop a delight. Every pixel of visible space can be personalized, and the export feature makes it easy to share your masterpieces. A single theme can be customized in dozens of ways with real-time wallpaper effects, icon sets, color schemes, and custom menu content. The SharpBar is a package of goodies all by itself, with its array of tools and toys. Included are system monitors, a clock, a task module, a tray and a command line, amongst others.


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