Yahoo Groups Hit by 'Duplicate Bug'

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Oops! It looks like Yahoo has dropped the ball. In releasing an update to increase the speed of the system, a bug has caused Yahoo Groups members' inboxes to be flooded with duplicate messages.

While Yahoo touts the speed increase as the "silver lining" of the situation, the cloud it's hiding behind seems pretty large. (Source:

Users commented that messages were arriving faster than they could be deleted, with as much as 25 duplicates arriving per original message. Some users also reported that messages that were not appearing when they should be. (Source:

Yahoo's statement acknowledged that the company was "aware of the duplicate message bug that began affecting groups today (Wednesday, March 28th) and are working to resolve the issue." They also reported that some messages were being delayed as a result of the bug. (Source:

However, despite the fact that Yahoo had already implemented two fixes for the problem by Wednesday afternoon, they reported that many groups were still receiving duplicates. (Source:

The situation has certainly caused a headache for Yahoo Groups members. One user blogged that the amount of frustration caused by the bug is equivalent to a subscription fee. "I know Yahoo Groups is free, but the fee seems to be in the coin of aggravation," the user wrote. (Source:

Another user expressed her concern at the problem of deleted messages. Although she says she can deal with the duplicates, the woman said that the disappearance of emails is a big problem: "Without my groups I do not have my online friendships," she wrote. (Source:

In Yahoo's post, the company apologized for the inconvenience and pledged to update users as the status of the situation changed. Gee, what a comfort.

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