Yahoo Mail Expands to Unlimited Storage

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It seems few people use Outlook Express anymore.

For many web users, email has moved online, to sites like Yahoo Mail, Gmail, and the ever-popular Hotmail. Each have their strengths and weaknesses, but above all each are tasked with outdoing one another in order to gain headway in a competitive market. It's part of the reason Yahoo has recently announced unlimited storage space for those that use its mail service, with another fan-favorite site rumored to follow.

Yahoo Mail has been in service for nearly a decade now, but is clearly worried about losing the popular vote amongst web mailers. MSN Messenger predominantly thrives on Hotmail accounts, with the relatively recent introduction of Google's Gmail doing well (perhaps only because of the search engine's "cool" factor).

For much of Yahoo's Mail history, storage has been limited to just 100MB. In 2005, that total was boosted to a fairly impressive 1GB, but in the world of digital communication demand has simply been for more and more space. Yahoo's 2005 upgrade was to keep pace with the quickly growing Gmail, and this latest move might be indication that Yahoo is even more desperate for subscribers. (Source:

For the record, Gmail's storage stands at just under 3GB.

The move by Yahoo has prompted executives for the company to start their very own rumors on its spread to other services. The most exciting whispers surround popular photo-sharing site Flikr, which may also receive the unlimited storage treatment in the near future.

It's all a part of what Yahoo Mail vice president John Kremer calls a "future without limits." (Source:

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