Using Multiple Summary Functions: MS Excel

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There can sometimes be situations when it is necessary to add more than one summary function to a list. For example, you may want to present both subtotals and averages for the groups within a data list.

To display summary functions follow these steps:

  1. Sort the data list on the field or fields by which the data should be grouped.
  2. Position the active cell within the data list.
  3. Choose Data | Subtotals.
  4. The Subtotal dialog box will appear.
  5. Specify options for the first subtotal.
  6. Choose OK.
  7. Choose Data | Subtotals.
  8. The Subtotal dialog box will appear again.
  9. Specify options for the second subtotal.
  10. Deselect Replace current subtotals if necessary.
  11. Choose OK.

That's all there is to it!

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